Beginners Melodeon Tunes and Techniques the soundtrack to the book

This is a great musical resource for the DG melodeon player and is a fine collection of traditional music introducing dance tunes from various regions of Britain, Ireland and North America.

They are all excellent tunes, well known and popular, but not over-played, hackneyed or obscure and add massively to the DG melodeon players repertoire.
Most of the tunes can be heard on recordings by notable bands and personalities, they are all currently in use by traditional musicians and are regularly played at concerts, dances and pub sessions.

All the tunes introduce some aspect of melodeon playing to further enhance technique and playing styles.

What's on the CD?

  1. Scale 1
  2. Scale 2
  3. Scale 3
  4. Scale 4
  5. Scale 5
  6. Scale 6
  7. Scale 7
  8. Scale 8
  9. Country Gardens Mini
  10. Country Gardens
  11. Little Brown Jug
  12. Polly Wolly Doodle
  13. Market Rasen Quickstep
  14. Not for Joe
  15. The Leeds Polka
  16. Percy Brown’s Polka
  17. Albert Farmer’s
  18. The Morisco
  19. Moston Rushcart
  20. My Love My Love
  21. One More Ribber
  22. The Rogue’s March
  23. Captain Lanoe’s
  24. Whose Jig?
  25. The Squirrel in the Tree
  26. Burning Bridges
  27. The Lollipop Man Mini
  28. The Lollipop Man
  29. The Rose Tree
  30. Lord of the Dance
  31. Mount Hills Mini
  32. Mount Hills
  33. Dark Girl
  34. Up and Away
  35. Fred Pidgeon’s Polka
  36. I’ll Go Enlist for a Sailor
  37. Jack Robinson
  38. Owen’s Jig
  39. Hill of Glenorchy Mini
  40. Hills of Glenorchy
  41. Paddy Carey
  42. Tripping to the Well Mini
  43. Tripping to the Well
  44. The West Kerry Polka
  45. Many a Wild Night
  46. The Scartaglen Slide
  47. Moyglass Fair
  48. Joe Cooley’s Jig
  49. The Blackthorn Stick
  50. Up Leitrim
  51. The Streets of Laredo
  52. The Cumberland Waltz
  53. Séamus McManus’s
  54. Red Haired Mary
  55. Fairlop Park
  56. Sir Philip McHugh
  57. Dusty Miller
  58. Dusty Miller, less bass
  59. Rusty Gulley
  60. Rusty Gulley, less bass
  61. Old Lancashire
  62. Old Lancashire, less bass
  63. Rig-a-Jig
  64. The Spirit of the Dance
  65. The Farmers’ Jamboree
  66. Woodland Flowers
  67. Postman's Knock Mini
  68. Postman’s Knock
  69. The Little Burnt Potato
  70. Bodmin Riding March
  71. Moonshine
  72. Colored Aristocracy Mini
  73. Colored Aristocracy
  74. Yarmouth Hornpipe Mini
  75. The Yarmouth Hornpipe
  76. Valentine
  77. The Auvergne Mazurka
  78. Old Donegal Mazurka
  79. Much Wenlock
  80. Jenny’s Bawbee
  81. Marching Thro’ Georgia
  82. MacNamara’s Band
  83. If There Weren’t Any
  84. The Stack of Oats
  85. The Shannon Waves
  86. Glise de Sherbrooke Mini
  87. Glise de Sherbrooke
  88. Durham Ranges Mini
  89. Durham Rangers
  90. The Hesleyside Reel
  91. Mona’s Delight
  92. The Old Polka
  93. The Portheinon Whim
  94. Sheehan’s Reel
  95. Da Mirrie Boys
  96. Three Jolly Sheepskins

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Beginners Melodeon Tunes and Techniques CD

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