Bugari Activa Compact Byan Piano Accordion

Convertor Bass C System Pre Owned

This is an absolutely brilliant Piano Accordion with Convertor bass and will suit a very discerning player looking for quality of sound, amazing playing response and the ability to add extra expression through free bass.

The specification is as follows

Notes (right hand) 45 MI-DO
Rows (right hand) -
Buttons (right hand) -
Voices (right hand) 4
Cassotto (right hand) 2
Registers (right hand) 15
Chin Registers (right hand) 6+M ( 5 chin + 1 Palm Register)
Notes (left hand - free bass) 58 MI-DO≠
Chorus (left hand - free bass) 2:16+8
Registers (left hand - free bass) 3
Basses (left hand - standard bass) 120
Voices (left hand - standard bass) 6
Registers (left hand - standard bass) 6+R+1C
Length 49
Width 22
Height 46
Weight (kg) 14,1

This instrument is currently at our Glasgow base so call before travelling in order that we can have it at the showroom nearest to you.

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Bugari Activa Compact Bayan Piano Accordion Convertor Bass C System

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