C# D Button Accordion Unbranded

A 23 button C-sharp/D Button Accordion out of the Sandpiper Factory - Brand New with Italian Reeds

A Cherrywood 23 button 2 voice melodeon with 8 bass and a bass end stop to remove the thirds.

Dry tuned - not bone dry- to replicate the sound Irish style players demand.

Flat fast treble fingerboard just right for triplets and ornamentations.

Just the one available

Complete with rucksack and strap

When a Sandpiper melodeon or button accordion comes into the country this is what they look like

They then go through a process of a grill being laser cut and a logo being laser cut and then both are fitted

This 15 minute process adds about £300 to the price.

So here is the very same instrument not having gone through that process with at least a third off if not more

Don't hang about we don't expect this one to be here for long

Approx. measurements

Weight: 3.1kg
Height: 30cm
Width: 28cm
Depth: 15cm

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C# D Button Accordion Unbranded

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