Its not often we can say fake and be certain it really is, this is just that a concertina that has the Jeffries stamp without being a Jeffries.

I went to a talk by Colin Dipper last year and he went into great detail about how makers would go to great lengths to try to make their concertina appear to be a Jeffries. The stamp looks genuine enough but its not in the right place and the screws in the end clearly shout out it's not what it appears to be.

All of that said this is a very high-quality concertina manufactured by someone who clearly knew what they were doing, maybe a Crabb, or maybe a Shakespear but of course, we will never know.

Steel reeds and in concert pitch this plays remarkably well, bone buttons and 6 fold bellows complete this wonderful instrument.

There is a little history written inside the concertina and it says....

"W. Trinder 43 Theobald Croydon Surrey.

1901 43 Theobald, William J Trinder Aged 14 Labourer Dustboy

1911 Aged 24 Ground Labourer Corporation".

The fact that is not a Jefferies does not take anything away from its playability but the price reflects its status being around £1500 lower in price than a typical Jeffries which would suit a player more than a collector.

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Faux but period Jeffries CG Anglo Concertina

  • £3,000.00

  • Ex Tax: £3,000.00