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The "Solstice" Dino Baffetti DG Melodeon including Binci hand made reeds.

What's so special about the Dino Baffetti Solstice?

Firstly it has the finest hand made Binci reeds as standard, not that there is anything standard about Binci reeds.

The fast to speak Binci reeds combined with the years of experience of the crafts people at Dino Baffetti take the Solstice to a whole new playing quality level.

Secondly its a bright and powerful 2 voice DG melodeon with a fast and responsive playing action. The retro stylized logo and its fabulous colour combine with tasteful decoration using the finest Swarovski stones give this the air of a spectacular melodeon which it rightly is. we challenge you to compare this to any other 2 voice melodeon on the market today and we will allow you to be awestruck by its quality of sound, its responsive feel and its amazing looks.

The Baffetti Solstice will hold its own in any playing situation be that stage, session, Morris team or studio.

  • 19 Button treble with 8 bass.
  • A bass stop to remove the thirds in the chord.
  • A padded bass strap with size adjustment rotella.
  • A hard Dino Baffetti case is included as are 2 straps 

A truly magnificent example of the melodeon makers art,  refined and decorative to match the grandeur and importance of the occasion of the winter or the summer Solstice and the other thing that the discerning payer should take note of is the important fact that right now there are only two Dino Baffetti Solstice DG melodeons on planet earth and here is one of them.

Utterly gorgeous!

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Dino Baffetti Solstice Melodeon in DG

  • Brand: Dino Baffetti
  • Product Code:Art 84 Binci Green Solstice
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  • £2,349.00

  • Ex Tax:£1,957.50

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