This is a concertina that has been manufactured in the style of a Jefferies CG Anglo Concertina.

We can rejoice in the knowledge that it's a highly specified Anglo concertina with metal ends, 38 metal buttons,  steel reeds and has been restored to good playing condition.

Like so many concertinas of the era this Anglo although modelled on a Jefferies is not a Jefferies and many theories are abounding as to the true makers name, but we will never know. 

6-fold bellows give plenty of air to drive the bright and punchy reeds, we may not know who made it but it is a good concertina and for this price point you won't be disappointed in the way it sounds and plays.

On display in our showroom but can be supplied mail order on approval.

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38 Key Metal End Anglo Concertina CG unknown make a Jefferies Copy

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