With Hand Made Binci Reeds


The Morris II DG melodeon with handmade reeds was the culmination of years of experience in the melodeon market and using that experience together with thinking hard about what the modern player of traditional music was looking for.

Quality of construction, play-ability and sound were all paramount in the mind of the player who until now had been frustrated by the lack of availability of high enough quality instruments at an affordable price.

Even in these strange times without a festival season to launch it into the Morris II DG Melodeon with Handmade reeds is slowly becoming established and talked about in melodeon playing circles. We thought we had achieved perfection.

Then we thought a little more about how to improve what must already be the ultimate example of melodeon construction today.

Introducing the Morris II BINCI DG Melodeon!

Its our belief and the belief of many players that Binci reeds are the finest hand made melodeon reeds that can be found on planet earth today. They are carefully made in a workshop in Castelfidardo Italy by a small yet dedicated team of artisans who are masters in the art of reed production. We have visited their workshop and have seen first hand the care with which they manufacture and produce custom made reeds for the worlds finest makers. They are truly masters of the art of bespoke reed making.

We have now taken this a stage further where compromise is no longer the norm and we have combined the Fisitalia luthier quality craftsmanship with the Binci family reed makers and our own unique Squeezebox Marketplace knowledge, background and experience that’s over thirty years in the making to introduce to the UK melodeon market the brand new Morris II BINCI, a melodeon of near perfection.

Carefully sourced and chosen materials are the very soul of this instrument from the aged Cherry tonewood that’s used for the carcase, the hard rock maple reed blocks and the finest hand made BINCI reeds.

There is a remarkable balance between the 21 button treble and 8 button bass sides that bring light and dark shade to your music and this instrument is equally at home outside with the dance team, in a session or live on stage.

The very sound of the Fisitalia Morris II BINCI conjures up the image of the dance in the mind's eye and the drive this instrument will bring to your music will get hearts soaring as well as feet tapping. Its exceptional.

We have opted for the more versatile 4th button start which means you benefit from both low notes and accidentals in the same instrument, a real plus when playing in a variety of situations, and we have chosen the popular swing tuning with the Anahata notation layout as standard.

Want something different? Please ask as we are able to accommodate most peoples preferences.

At only 3.3 kg approx this is a sonorous and powerful instrument that can be played with calm and subtlety that most players big or small will handle with ease.

 Make your appointment to try one today.

  • Rows: 2
  • Reeds: BINCI Italian Hand Made Reeds
  • Notation:  Anahata
  • Treble Buttons: 21
  • Bass: 8
  • Treble Voices: 2
  • Weight: (Kg) 3.3
  • Width: (cm) 26
  • Depth (cm) 15
  • Bellows Air Volume:  (Sq CM) 390
  • Bass Stop: To control the thirds in the Chord
  • Back Pad for playing comfort
  • Luxury Padded Melodeon Shoulder Straps
  • Deluxe Padded Gig Bag

Anahata Tuning (PDF Download): Anahata Scales.pdf

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The Morris II BINCI DG Melodeon

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  • Ex Tax:£1,915.83

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