USED: Weltmeister Rubin 60 Bass Piano Accordion 2 voice Right Hand

Weltmeister Rubin 30/60/II/3

The Rubin is the only instrument we know of that's' being manufactured to this specification. A lightweight compact accordion.

The physical size and weight are equal to the smaller  Perle 26/48 model, however, it has an additional 4 keys going down to the low 'G' which allows for full chords to be played with the right hand.

Medium keyboard with an 18 mm key width.

The bass side offers 60 basses covering all keys. Really it's like a 72 bass but with the diminished row missed off, a row never really called upon by folk musicians.

A brilliant box for the morris musician spending long sessions stood up playing.

Thus this instrument is a favourite of performers that need the full range of tonality but want to cut down on the weight.

At the same time, this instrument would serve a beginner equally well as it has the traditional size of many beginner models but plays much better, but also delivering enough tone range that the beginner could learn for 2-3 years without the need to trade up.

Included rucksack and straps.

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Weltmeister Rubin 60 Bass Piano Accordion 2 voice Right Hand

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