About Us

The Squeezebox Marketplace is a web site dedicated to all things squeezable.

This includes Accordion, Concertina and Melodeon. In fact anything with bellows could well end up on here.

Squeezebox Markeplace was dragged into existence in 2018. It is a website that is run on cooperative lines and is open to anyone to advertise free reed items for sale. In return we would ask for a lower than market average commission. Please ask for details.

We were frustrated at the way accordion's were for sale in the UK quite often over priced and with little specialist knowledge behind them, our dream is to deliver the absolute best products at every price level and back this up with the best advice and support including accessories, information, repairs and specialist knowledge.

 John has a passion for getting all people especially adults involved in playing squeezeables. An avid listener to traditional music from the age of 16 years it was not until his 30’s that he had a chance to learn to play, starting on guitar he progressed to 5 string banjo but it was when he was introduced to the melodeon that he found his real passion for the music. This late comer to music champions the mantra that music is for everyone no matter how old and if you are having fun you are doing it right.

 John is the UK distributor for Pigini Accordions through his company Accordion Imports.

A founding Partner of The Music Room Cleckheaton John has over 30 years experience in the trade.

 John had worked with European giants in the accordion world like Pigini, Bugari, Fisitallia, Dino Baffetti, Beltuna, Scandalli and lately have turned their eyes east to work on introducing the new high quality Chinese manufactured Blackthorn Anglo Concertina.

Please feel free to ask any questions

Until then, keep squeezing!

If you are a dealer and you have products that are squeezebox related please get in touch and we will list them for you for a small fee after it sells.