• Preludio P 36 3, Tipo A Mano, Dry Tuned

Pigini Preludio P36 3 voice 72 bass with Tipo a Mano Reeds

Dry Tuned

5 treble registers

2 bass registers

The P36 3 Pigini Piano Accordion has been the top-selling model in the UK for many years

34 Right Hand Piano Keys - G to E with 3 voices controlled by 5 registers. This model has 2 reeds dry tuned at concert pitch and one reed an octave lower.

The bass end is a true 4 voice that is in full balance with the right hand and with the help of 2 bass registers you can choose from a full sound or a lighter sound depending on the playing situation.

It has a wonderfully responsive, fast right-hand keyboard that is really in balance with the bass allowing the player to benefit from a sweet and dynamic tone.

This instrument is Dry Tuned

Many top-class players choose Pigini as their brand of choice such as Murray Grainger, Chris Parkinson, Sam Pirt and Karen Tweed to name a few.

The instrument is on display in our shop in Boroughbridge so you can try before you buy if you wish

Please ask any questions  we will do our best to help.

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Preludio P 36 3, Tipo A Mano, Dry Tuned

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