Pigini have been developing the art of accordion manufacture for over 70 years

This experience combined with deep understanding and knowledge goes into every accordion they manufacture.

Here is a classic Pigini design the Primavera P75 a 37 piano key 3 voice 96 bass piano accordion to suit a wide variety of players needs.

We have included a couple of internal photos to show you how much detail goes into the areas you don't usually get to see.

Look at the neatly finished reed block that have been carefully varnished to give long life and repel dust and grime, inspect how carfully the reeds have been waxed into place and the sheer beauty of high quality Italian reeds.

This level of attention to detail means Pigini create a keyboard that is light, responsive and expressive whilst matching and balancing this to the left hand which is rich and full toned.

37 right hand keys with a 3 voice sound, available in various tuning's this one is 4 cents tremolo.

The left hand of the accordion is 96 bass with 5 full voices, controlled by two bass registers.

  • 37 Piano keys that go Sol/Sol (G to G)
  • 3 voices Right Hand
  • 5 treble registers
  • Pearl Piano Keys
  • 96 bass
  • 5 voice Left Hand
  • 2 Bass registers
  • Approx: 8.5kg

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Pigini Primavera P75 3 Voice 96 Bass Piano Accordion

  • Brand: Pigini
  • Product Code:P75MR4C
  • Availability: Email us for an update
  • £5,245.00

  • Ex Tax:£4,370.83

Tags: Pigini, Primavera, P75, 3, voice, 96, Bass, Piano, Accordion

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