The UK Exclusive DG 2 Voice accordion from Castagnari, known as Luna, is making waves at the Squeezebox Marketplace.

This instrument combines a traditional slow swing diatonic accordion sound with top-tier Italian reeds (Tipo a mano), ensuring a premium musical experience.

Let's break down its features:

Right Side:

Buttons: Luna boasts 21 buttons on the right side, with options available in both black and white.

Key: It operates in the DG Anahata key.

Voices: Luna carries two voices, both of exceptional quality Tipo a mano.

Left Side:

Basses: Offering 8 bass buttons.

Voices: On the left side, Luna features three voices, again of the Tipo a mano caliber reeds.

Registers: Optionally available for chord thirds, allowing for versatile tonal variations.

With its precise craftsmanship and premium components, Luna is set to enchant musicians and enthusiasts alike. Visit the Boroughbridge showroom to experience its magic firsthand, and stay tuned for more detailed insights into this remarkable instrument.

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Castagnari Luna DG 2 Voice

  • Brand: Castagnari
  • Product Code:Luna
  • Availability:In Stock
  • £2,299.00

  • Ex Tax:£1,915.83

Tags: castagnari, luna, dg, 2, voice

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