• Dino Baffetti Oakwood Binci III Melodeon
The Dino Baffetti Oakwood Binci is one of the most responsive melodeons

Play it loud and play it fast or if you prefer play it sensitively and with musical colour. The reed quality is what makes this such a good players choice.

It will suit a variety of playing styles and helps to bring out the best in your playing

This is a really flexible instrument, 4th button is where the scale starts with both low notes and accidentals, the treble stop allows you the ability to change between 2 and a full 3 voice, engaging the low reeds to reveal a very full sound. 

The Binci reeds are of the highest quality and respected throughout the world as possibly the finest melodeon reeds available today. 

Quicker to respond than many 3 voice melodeons at higher prices the Binci III has an increased dynamic range, and is both very bright and ever so punchy, this melodeon is outstanding.

For a more flexible choice of chords a quality melodeon often has a stop on the left hand to remove the 3rds, the Dino Baffetti Binci III melodeon is no exception.

Supplied with quality straps and deluxe case.

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Dino Baffetti Oakwood Binci III Melodeon

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