We have been experimenting with different grill shapes this model has done its work in showing us what it looks like and is being made available for sale here. No more than a dozen tunes through its bellows and a bargain if you are in the market.

A fast powerful melodeon by Dino Baffetti the Oakwood collaboration Super II DG in walnut.

This is a deluxe Dino Baffetti Super II melodeon with a beautiful sound and playing action. It really does feel like the  luxury instrument it truly is.

High quality Italian Tippo Amano hand finished reeds have a lovely rich warm sound with all the expression a player needs.

A real pleasure to play with responsive and positive keyboard action.

The left hand benefits from a stop to remove the 3rds allowing a wider choice of chords.

Available in all standard tunings and custom layouts upon request. This one  is DG and sounds fantastic.

Quality Italian TAM Hand Finished Reeds

  • 19 buttons
  •  voice
  • DG
  • 8 bass
  • Stop to operate the 3rds

Complete with hard case and straps

Please note * Special stand alone price cannot be used in connection with any other current offers. 

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Dino Baffetti Super II DG melodeon

  • Brand: Dino Baffetti
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