Suitable for Small Accordions up to 72 Bass and 8, 12 or 18 bass Melodeons

An extra long pair of highly padded shoulder straps that will fit small accordions up to 72 bass or melodeons 8,12, or 18 bass.

Very strong well made shoulder straps that will give years of service in xtra long lengths.

Manufactured as a pair i.e. one right and strap and one left hand strap.

Approx lengths: 100 cm and 104 cm. For left and right shoulders.

Xtra Long accordion shoulder straps in Tan Leather: What’s so unusual about that is that these are Tan leather accordion straps and its the first time in our memory that this level of quality has been offered in the UK in this extra long length to help accordion players and melodeon players looking for longer shoulder straps

Strong and durable: These Italian made shoulder strap will be perfect for the player of small accordions and melodeons who want their straps to last, many Chinese straps are described as PU leather which really means its artificial and a man made material where as these straps are a huge step above this being manufactured from real leather to a very high standard in an Italian Accordion Shoulder strap factory using only the finest buckles, rivets and immensely strong machine stitching

Fully Adjustable accordion straps with 3 places for adjustment on each strap comprising of 3 holes at each of the accordion strap bracket ends and 6 holes in the length of the straps. These straps made as a fitted pair with a right hand and a left hand strap and are approx. 100 and 104 cm respectively when fully extended.

Comfortable, tailored and easy to fit: The quality of any accordion and melodeon strap comes to the fore when its in use. Because they are so well made in the first place the cut of the leather is just right to allow the easy fitting of the strap ends to the strap brackets whether its modern accordion or melodeon and the tailoring of the straps mean they sit right on the players body and once adjusted they hold small piano or button accordions and melodeons at the correct height to play.

Well padded and protective: these straps are 45mm wide with a thick padding and velvet covering designed to sit properly on your shoulders spreading the weight of the accordion evenly.

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Extra Long Accordion Shoulder Straps 45mm wide padding Tan Leather and Velvet Italian

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