Welcome to SqueezeBox Marketplace.

Welcome to SqueezeBox Marketplace.

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Good Day to you.

Yes, that's you reading this article.  

I am about to make the assumption that you are interested in some way shape or form in squeezable’s?

What do I mean by squeezable’s? In short musical Instruments that have reeds and bellows.  

For over 30 years I have been directly involved in the researching, finding and supplying of accordions, concertinas, and melodeons.  
I have travelled the world as far afield a Italy, USA and China and know personally many of the finest makers that exist on the planet today and been invited into their factories and they have shared some of the closet guarded trade secrets with me.

I have had the great privilege of speaking with some of the masters of the Squeezebox and have sat at their feet learning and listening to great music and understanding what it is that makes them great and their music great.

I have been the co-owner of one of Great Britain's largest Traditional Music Shops and now in my later years, I am relishing a new challenge in a smaller, more intimate business, that with the help of friends will endeavor to bring to you the interested reader the benefit of my 30 years with insights into the whole world of Squeezebox.

I’m not alone in this venture I am being accompanied by my very good friend Alan Shute and whilst not partners in the sense of business partners we work cooperatively in Squeezebox Marketplace and you will often find us side by side at major music festivals throughout the year, talking accordion and in Alan's case playing and competing in accordion competitions throughout the country.
I will be attempting to give you an insight into my world with words and at times pictures and I will try to include articles on squeezebox related topics that I hope you will find of interest. 

I will bring this first brief introduction an end and hope you will stay with me on what I hope will be a fascinating journey of discovery.


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