Accordion Backstrap Demystified

Accordion Backstrap Demystified

Posted By: John Turner Published: 13/12/2019 Times Read: 9891 Comments: 0

Let's start with a really important accessory, the humble backstrap.

Accordion players come in all shapes and sizes and to accommodate for the multitude of different accordion players shapes strap manufacturers have come up with hundreds of strap designs to help make supporting the accordion and playing as stress-free as possible.

Even so, there are still some players who experience problems of muscular strain in the shoulders neck and lower back.
Much of this strain is related to the player trying to maintain a good center of gravity whilst even at the same time trying to keep the straps on their shoulders that seemingly have a mind of their own from slipping off.

A backstrap is the answer as it helps maintain your center of gravity and supports the mid back area removing the muscular strain, we spoke about earlier. You will be able to play longer sat or stood and your body will thank you for it.

Most back straps are fully adjustable and are available in different materials.  

At Squeezebox marketplace we offer a variety of straps with our 2 most popular back straps being manufactured especially for us in Italy.


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