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  •  Blackthorn Anglo Chromatic Concertina

Blackthorn Anglo Chromatic Concertina

We are delighted to introduce the all-new Blackthorn Concertina.
It's a 30-button Anglo concertina in the key of C/G, there are also plans to introduce a DG soon.
“This is a great beginner and intermediate concertina, at a very keen price point, it is easy to play and sounds wonderful”
The soul of a great concertina is the sound and this is directly proportional to the quality of the reeds that are chosen.
The Blackthorn has been crafted using the best quality materials available, including top-quality Czech reeds and manufactured by the most experienced craftspeople that are to be found.
It benefits from a grade of reed known as ‘Tipo a Mano’ also known as hand-finished reeds, which are manufactured using Swedish steel, recognised as a leading material for producing a bright, sweet and melodious tone.
Czech manufactured reeds are known the world over and regarded as one of the best reeds for producing the tone that is the envy of all in traditional music sessions throughout the world. They can “open up” and improve with playing, so the more its played the better the sound.
The Blackthorn will give the player excellent service for many years and take you to the next level, at a time, maybe 3 or 4 years from now, when you may be considering a step up lets say to the much sought after Jefferies Vintage Concertina, it will give you the confidence to know you can take that step!
The Blackthorn is a great choice for the beginner and will see you through the intermediate-advanced concertina player stage too, crafted to the highest standard and perfect for students who are ready to advance and master their instrument.
We have taken the Blackthorn around the country for the past year, attended concertina events and festivals and many players have put it to the test with the overall verdict being it more than equaled concertinas at double the price.
You will grow with this concertina as you practice, apply and play and become the best concertina player you can be.

Fully Chromatic

The 30 Button Blackthorn Anglo Concertina is fully chromatic meaning you can play in just about every musical key.

Main Features

Traditional Riveted Action & Lever system
30 keys plus air button
Lightweight (1kg +/- 10%)
Measures 160 mm across the flats
Measures 146 mm across the bellows when compressed
Comfortable domed black Delrin® buttons
6-Fold traditional Leather Bellows
Fully adjustable soft leather hand-straps
Wheatstone layout as standard, Jefferies layout available 2020
Comes with a custom-fitted shock-proof hard case
Weighs 1kg +/-
Measures160 mm
Measures 146 mm across the bellows when compressed


 Czech-made hand-finished (Tipo a mano) accordion steel reeds - highly responsive, producing a strong, rich, melodic tone, with wonderful balance across the octaves.


Improved Lever and Traditional Riveted Action system for a response tat will help the learning process.


6-fold leather bellows of traditional construction ensures flexibility, durability, and response but helps prevent side-ways bend for improved volume, dynamics and control.


 Comfortable domed Delrin® buttons with red felt bushings for a friction-free super fast playing response and button movement.

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Blackthorn Anglo Chromatic Concertina

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