• The Old and the New Book by Robin Dunn

The Old and the New Book by Robin Dunn

Highly respected on the scene in north-east England, Robin Dunn is a fiddler, mandolinist and composer of tunes in the traditional idiom. This book is what he considers are his best works which he has carefully matched, in sets, with other choice tunes - his inspirations in fact - from the local tradition.
The book has been put together in response to repeated requests for 'the dots' of the tunes played at La Toque Bleu (Robin's band) performances. It covers all of the album 'The Rocking Horse' plus a wide selection Robin was playing before he started composing. Rather than keeping the old and the new separate Robin has mixed them together to make new sets.
Besides the tunes there are also several dances to be found along with notes and comments from Robin, a great book for lovers of Northumbrian music; it's worth buying just for the two hard to find classic tunes by Willie Taylor 'The Pearl Wedding' and 'Nancy Taylor's Reel', two cracking reels which are played repeatedly at sessions not just in Northumberland but throughout the whole of England.


 Addison Rapper Team
Andrew's March
Ann Frazer MacKenzie
Back Braes
The Barley Mow Village Hall
Barren Rocks of Aden
The Battery
Bernhervie Picnic
The Brickie
The Broken Chanter
The Cauld Pool
Chris and Sara's Tune
Cloverdale Pearl
The Cockroach
Day of the Griffiths
The Eight-thirty March Emma's Liquorice Boats
Famous White Pudding
Hollins' Jig
Wedded in me Auld Claes
I Won't do the Work
The Jigsaw
Joe Scurfield's Favourite
The Kipper
Liz and Ali's Anniversary Waltz
Meeting of the Waters
Miss Linda MacFarlane
Mona Cameron
Mrs Milligan
Mr Welch's Favourite
Nancy Taylor's Reel
Neil Smith's Waltz Newcastle Kingsmen Visit Sicily
New March
Opening Time
The Overture
Pam and Julia's March
The Pearl Wedding
Phillipe Dumont's Visit England
The Plum Tree
Reciprocal Reel
Reel des Jeunes Marie
Compliments to Chuck Fleming
Robin's Rant
Rocking Horse
Rodney on the Dance Floor
Rosecroft Rant Ross's Reel
Roxburgh Castle
Snod's Edge
Summerhill Hornpipe
Summerhill Two-step
The Swing Bridge
The Telephonist
La Toque Bleu
Trip to Dryburgh
Trish's Waltz
Two Steps Forward one back
Walkerville Reel
Wallsend Memorial Hall
Whinham's Reel
Kimber's Double Take

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The Old and the New Book by Robin Dunn

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