A rebuilt Lachenal Lightwood Concertina by Bill Crossland

In the key of CG

In a brilliant playing order.

Excellent concertina at this price point, plays really nicely

It has been rebuilt by Bill Crossland and is fitted with a new pair of his mahogany ends-with bushed metal buttons which are never seen on this model.

It has unusually  a new set of 6 fold bellows-which were never normally available on Lachenal instruments of this period making it a lively vibrant playing tina.

It fitted it with new pads, valves straps and tuned it to concert pitch.

It comes in a decent homemade case,

A very good looking instrument which plays well for an instrument of this price.

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Lachenal 30 Key Lightwood CG Anglo Concertina

  • £1,499.00

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